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Eight Myths Busted About Applying to Business School 

Law School Application Components Beyond the LSAT

Although the LSAT is a crucial component of any law school application, there comes a time when you have done everything you can to increase your score. Regardless of whether you are happy with your score, there are several additional requirements that you must satisfy to successfully gain admission to law school. In this blog…

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Am I Too Young for an MBA?

Three Law School Application Issues and How to Overcome Them

Applying to law school requires a lot of work. You can put in all this effort only to have a problem arise and threaten all the progress you have made in developing your application. But regardless of the situation, there are ways to overcome such issues. In this blog post, we at Stratus walk you…

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Five Tips for Writing a Strong Law School Personal Statement

Six Tips for Writing a Strong Law School Personal Statement

The law school personal statement provides an opportunity to share your personal background and explain how you will contribute to both the law school classroom and the legal field. This component of the law school application personalizes who you are beyond your resume, LSAT or GRE score, and professor recommendations. Therefore, it is imperative to…

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Law School Character and Fitness Addendum: Do’s and Don’ts

Many law school applications include a Character and Fitness addendum that requires the applicant to reveal negative past behaviors. If you have something you need to disclose, such as a criminal arrest or a school suspension, don’t be intimidated. You can’t change the past, but you can present the facts in the best light possible….

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5 Reasons to Take an MBA Admissions Test (Even if It’s Not Required)

How to Request Disability Accommodations for the LSAT and Law School

Law school classes are more diverse than ever. Their diversity includes students with disabilities, some of whom need accommodations to help them realize their academic potential. Although the path to receiving accommodations can be cumbersome, you can better navigate this process if you are prepared. In this blog post, we at Stratus offer some tips…

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An MBA for Future Entrepreneurs? Absolutely!

What Type of Law Do You Want to Practice?

If you are applying to law school but do not yet know what kind of law you want to practice, you are not alone. Many applicants do not know the difference between a litigator and a transactions attorney, nor what getting hired as an attorney entails. Still, anyone in this position has agreed to dedicate…

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How to Use an MBA to Change Careers

How to Research Law Schools

Making the decision to attend law school might be easy for some applicants, but it can be much harder to decide where to apply. Many applicants select their target law schools based on the U.S. News & World Report rankings. And although these rankings are helpful, they are not the be-all and end-all. Applicants who…

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Top 10 Law School Admissions Questions Answered

How to Express Your Interest in a Law School

Given all the time and money involved in applying to law school, you might not feel like you need to prove you are interested in a school to which you are applying. Nonetheless, demonstrating your interest in a law school could make all the difference in the competitive application process. However, there is a fine…

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What Is a Good LSAT Score, and How Should You Study for the Exam?

Many factors impact your law school application, but your LSAT score matters a lot. Most schools require applicants to take the LSAT. In a perfect world, everyone could achieve a perfect score. But in reality, just about everyone falls short of that goal. With that reality in mind, law school applicants frequently ask “What is…

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LLM versus JD for International Students

Law schools have many international students. As for any potential law school applicant, there are two main programs available to international students: a JD and an LLM. LLM programs often have more international students because these programs can provide an already practicing international lawyer the credentials to practice in the United States. For practicing attorneys…

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What You Need to Know About Law School Application Deadlines

Because law schools use a rolling admissions cycle, applicants often find it daunting to figure out each school’s application deadline—and what to do if they miss it! “Hard” versus “Soft” Deadlines With the rolling nature of law school admissions, candidates submit applications over many months, and schools will accept applications on a space-available basis late into the application cycle. This pushes most schools to…

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Top Three Clichés to Avoid in Your Law School Personal Statement

You’ve taken the LSAT (and hopefully scored well!), built a strong academic record in college, and pursued internships that offered valuable life experience and prepared you for a career in the law. You are now ready to apply to law school! An important part of your law school application is your personal statement. This is…

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