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5 Reasons to Take an MBA Admissions Test (Even if It’s Not Required)

Should You Take an MBA Admissions Test Even If It’s Not Required?

The global coronavirus pandemic disrupted standardized testing, making it challenging for MBA applicants in some parts of the world to secure a seat in a testing center. As a result, test takers could also opt to take an online (at-home) version of the GMAT, GRE, and EA, but this was not an option for applicants with…

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GMAT, GRE, or Even EA—Which Test Should I Take?

For many years, the GMAT was the king of MBA testing. About a decade ago, MBA programs started accepting the GRE as a way to broaden the applicant pool by capturing those who had taken the test for other graduate programs but later decided to apply to business school. Now, applicants can also consider taking…

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How to Overcome a Low GMAT Score

If the GMAT is just not your thing — as in your score is 30 or more points below the average GMAT for your desired MBA program — is there ANY hope of being accepted with a low GMAT score? It makes you an expensive admit because if you have a 600 GMAT and the…

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A Month-by-Month PhD Application Timeline

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Toying with the idea of applying to a PhD program? Planning to apply, but not sure how to mount your attack? There are a lot of moving parts to a PhD application, and keeping everything in motion requires thoughtful planning. In this post, we lay out a 10-month timeline that will get you from square…

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MBAnalysis Blog: GMAT or GRE, Which Should I Take?

To view an up-to-date version of this post, click here.  (Today’s MBAnalysis blog post is guest-written by Donna Bauman) Ahh… the great debate- GMAT vs GRE. Which test do you take if you are applying to MBA programs? This is a fairly recent dilemma as it has just been in the past five or so…

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Five Things You Need to Know About Taking the GMAT/GRE

The following provides 5 important tips to determine which test to take; how to cancel scores; which scores are most important; and more. As MBA applicants know, standardized test scores are a vital part of the business school application process. For you, the candidate, it is important to understand the testing process, timelines, and differences…

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