Law Team

Todd Carney

Todd Carney

Law School Admissions Counselor

Academic Background

American University, BA in Political Science and Public Communications (summa cum laude)
Harvard Law School, JD (cum laude)

Professional Background

  • Federal law clerk
  • Five years in digital advertising
  • Writes legal articles on a variety of issues, such as legal professions and international law


Washington, DC

You might enjoy working with Todd if

  • You are interested in clerking.
  • You want to work in government.
  • You are considering a public interest career.
  • You took time off between college and law school (Todd worked for five years before attending law school).
  • You enjoy traveling (Todd has visited 45 states and 37 countries).

Todd’s advice for law school applicants:

To find the school that is the best fit for you, stay focused on why you want a law degree and do not get distracted by superficial factors. Reminding yourself why you want to spend three more years in school will keep you on track in your search for a law school that will help you pursue your passion.